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Warm welcome
in naturopathic practice for
Tomatis® therapy

We cordially invite you to find out more about tomato therapy and our special therapy concept

Improve Your Health, Improve Your Life

In our practice, the Tomatis ® therapy is the focus of our work.

As naturopaths, we consider larger contexts and use them for

our therapy.  

In our eyes, this is helpful because our perception is also complex and networked.

The therapy... always individually adapted to you or your child.

In addition to the Tomatis ® therapy, the Enwako ® therapy is available to help and supplement the children . 

Children Playing_edited.png

The laboratory diagnostics...

... and nutrition are important pillars in our understanding of therapy.

Feel free to contact us

Do you have additional questions?


Thanks very much!

Tomatis Kirchheim
IOtto-Ficker-Strasse 2,
73230 Kirchheim/Teck
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